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4 Reasons to Have Your Groceries Delivered


During the height of the pandemic, many people changed their shopping habits. In order to social distance and stay safe, there was
a huge rise in online food deliveries. This service meant people could still receive their weekly grocery shop without leaving the house and risking the health of themselves and others.

Now that things have more or less returned to normal, most people have gone back to their local supermarkets. But pandemic or no pandemic, there are still a lot of great reasons to keep up your deliveries.

If you’re unconvinced, here are four benefits of having your groceries delivered.


A weekly food shop can take at least an hour out of your day. More if you live a good distance from your nearest supermarket. You have to get to the store, find the items you want, fight through other shoppers, and queue up at the tills behind slow-moving customers who are scrabbling around to find their change. It can be frustrating and stressful. But ordering online removes all hurdles. You can quickly select the exact items you need, and even save your shopping list if you generally buy the same things each week. It will take you a few minutes to go through the process and you can sit back and wait for your food to arrive. And the best bit is, you can even choose a specific delivery date and time that suits you.


The main reason more people don’t opt for food delivery is the cost. Unless your purchase is about a certain limit, you have to pay a delivery charge that is usually between $5 and $15. But counterintuitively, you can actually save money with an online shop. How often do you go to the supermarket and end up making impulse purchases that you don’t need? Perhaps you spot some discounted ice cream or a new kind of chocolate that tantalizes your taste buds. You don’t get this when you order items over the internet, and can end up spending a lot less money.


When you go to a physical supermarket, you are probably restricted to the stores within a certain radius of your home. But shopping online, the options are endless. You can choose which supermarket to use, based on the price or availability of your favorite items. And if there are specialist items that are hard to find, you can browse a wide range of independent boutique providers. With so much choice available, it’s never been easier to buy crab cakes online.


Shopping online can actually be beneficial to your health. For a start, you don’t have to put your back out lugging all those heavy bags to your kitchen, as the delivery driver will do that for you. It will also be advantageous to your mental health, as you will avoid the stress of shopping in a busy supermarket, and have more time left in your day. Use this reclaimed leisure time to be more productive or indulge in some self care.

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