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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 5

Day 5: Four places I want to visit.

If I could, I would travel all the time. It’s a dream of mine to be able to visit the world and travel to all different countries. I have a bucket list of the different countries and spots that I am determine to go see. So it is very easy to give you a list, but at the same time so hard to narrow it down to just four!

1) Greece: My father & grandparents are from Greece. I hear a lot of stories and have researched a lot of places that I would love to go see. My goal is to take a cruise around the greek isles so I can visit a few different places. I want to know more about my heritage and my families past. I want to visit Athens very bad!

2) Ireland: Kenmare Island to be very specific. I love the country. Scenery’s and views are very important to me. I have done a lot of research and from the pictures I have seen via Pinterest and I just can’t wait until the day I get to chance to see these images in person!!

3) Tokyo: I am obsessed! I want to visit Japan so bad, and I will. I love learning and observing different cultures and Japan is defiantly at the top of my list! It is beautiful and intriguing, im just so fascinated.

4) Paris. Need I say more? I just want to travel everywhere. My sister has been to Paris and she loved it! I am so jealous every time she starts talking about it! The main place in Paris that I wanna visit is Cherry Blossom Park (see below) It just looks so beautiful!

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  • Michelle Hwee

    What a great list of places to visit! From your list, I really want to visit Tokyo and Paris too! Something about those places just sounds so beautiful to me! For me, I also want to go and visit Australia and Hong Kong (my family is from here)! Thanks for sharing your places 🙂

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