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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 9

Welcome back to my 30 Day Blog Challenge!

Day 9: Pet Peeves

I try not to let the little things bother me, just like everyone I would assume BUT there’s just somethings that drive me up the wall! 

For me it ranges from the smallest of things: 

(ex: how people type/write, if a word isn’t used correctly, && biting nails because your stressed out)

to the bigger things:

(ex: cheaters, liars, thieves, abusive people [verbally & physically], and  people who tell you what you can or can’t do)

But out of everything I just mentioned above my biggest pet peeve is  

people who tell me what I can or can’t do

I am the type of person that if you tell me I can’t do something or that it’s too hard. I will do my damn-est

 to accomplish just that. I can not stand when people tell me I can’t accomplish things, even if I put my mind to something. I procrastinate on things in my life a lot of the time but that doesn’t mean I won’t succeed or I won’t get it done. Things come up, situations occur, and when that does happen.. 

BAM! The mouths start going and the whispers start to fill up your ears.  

My thoughts on that now? Let it go.. let it go… 

[yes I was singing the song in my head as I wrote that.. don’t judge πŸ˜‰ ]

I just don’t care what people say about me, my life, or my decisions.  You can have your opinion of me, whether you’re right or wrong and I will keep doing what I’m doing to the best I can. I will prove to myself not YOU that I will do everything I set my mind too whether others believe in that or not.

Answer me this:

What are your Pet Peeves?!


Let me know what you think!